How to Implement a Parking Management Program with Ease

Parking Managment

Step 1: Identify the issues with a parking analysis

Reliant Parking’s complimentary parking analysis helps identify the parking issues you need to solve and customizes a plan to address your parking needs, meet your goals, and facilitate a smooth roll-out.

We recently partnered with a 200-unit community that was struggling with:

  1. Daily resident complaints
  2. Unauthorized occupants
  3. No way to easily identify vehicles on site other than a long and painful search through the leasing software—often with zero results

Step 2: Set up controls

Reliant Parking was able to set up a fluid, automated documentation-eligibility process—and take it off management’s plate. It became a control point in the permit ordering process for residents to complete online or via the Reliant Parking Resident App.

The community team was excited for the solution and clear on their goals. They had a very high adoption rate, so we reached out to understand and identify the best practices contributing to their success.

“Truth be told, our resident complaints are way down.”

—Tamra Johnson, Community Manager

Step 3: Strategy for clear communication before and during roll-out

The manager attributes most of the success to clear and consistent communication before and during the roll-out process. The community also actively helped during the enrollment process by offering impromptu tutorials on how to sign up whenever residents stopped by the office.

The community had a very targeted follow-up strategy where they focused on contacting residents whose permits were denied to encourage them to resubmit, including offering them assistance in the office.

Step 4: Enforcement… consistency is key

Enforcement of the rules was another key component of their (and any) parking program’s success. The community maintains an excellent relationship with their tow company and had a clear plan for enforcement. Tamra also attributed the success to the fact that she held firm to the enforcement start date and enforcement policies that were communicated to residents. This contributed to a faster than average resident adherence to the new rules.

Step 5: Enjoy the results of the program’s impact!

Now 100% occupied, parking is better than ever according to the team. “Truth be told, our resident complaints are way down,” said Tamra Johnson, the community manager. There were two major benefits to the new program as well:

  1. By identifying unauthorized occupants, the community experienced an unexpected increase in parking revenue as residents completed the application process, which is associated with a fee.
  2. Parking was so much improved that they were able to increase the number of guest permits each household was allotted monthly—making residents happier.

And true to form for a manager who understands her residents, Tamra announced the increase in guest permits by graciously thanking the residents for their participation in the program, thereby reinforcing the positives of partnering with Reliant Parking.

If you would like a complimentary parking analysis and to discuss your community, let’s connect.

We look forward to taking the pain out of parking!


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