Terms of Sale

Reliant Parking is committed to fulfilling all orders for products placed by our customers in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions.

We strive to maintain a high level of accuracy and efficiency in the order fulfillment process. However, unforeseen circumstances or events beyond our control may arise that could impact the fulfillment or delivery of products. In such cases, we commit to promptly communicate with you to resolve any issues or delays.

These Terms of Sale govern the sale from Reliant Parking to you of your parking permit. Reliant Parking is selling you your parking permit on behalf of your parking lot owner and/or management company in charge of the management of the parking lot, as applicable (in either case the “Parking “Supervisor”). Your parking permit is the property of the Parking Supervisor. Through the grant of this parking permit, the Parking Supervisor is granting you a personal revocable license which may be withdrawn in accordance with your Parking Supervisor’s terms and conditions for use of the parking permit. All inquiries with respect to your Parking Supervisor’s terms and conditions and for the use of your parking permit should be directed to your Parking Supervisor and will be governed by your Parking Supervisor’s terms and conditions. We are not responsible for the services, actions or failure to act of the Parking Supervisor, nor any of its terms and conditions, nor any other third parties (including enforcement companies [e.g., towing companies]).

The term of the parking permit license is through the expiration date of the permit ordered and is subject to the policies and procedures promulgated by the Parking Supervisor, which may change from time to time. On the expiration date of your parking permit, your parking permit shall expire, and all rights with respect to the parking permit shall terminate. It is your responsibility to renew/purchase a new parking permit prior to the expiration of your current parking permit if you want to continue to enjoy the parking rights created by your parking permit. The fees for the parking permit are subject to change and there are no guarantees that the price you pay for a new parking permit will be the same as they are to purchase your current parking permit. We will not be responsible for your parking permit if it is lost, damaged or stolen and you agree that service charges will apply in the event that a replacement parking permit is required to be issued. The parking permit and the parking rights created by it may not be assigned or subleased by you.

Our goal is to dispatch your parking permit as soon as possible. We are not able to specify the exact dates of dispatch. Please allow as much time as possible for your parking permit to arrive. If your parking permit has not arrived within ten business days of the date of order, please contact us. Please include the name the parking permit is under. It is your responsibility to check your parking permit to make sure it is accurate. If there are any inaccuracies on your parking permit, the obligation is on you to notify us of the inaccuracies so that they may be corrected. All parking permits once purchased are non-refundable. If any of the information you disclose to us in the parking permit ordering process changes it is your responsibility to provide us with updated information. This is necessary, among other things, to ensure that you receive all notifications (including, without limitation, notifications of parking permit renewal, issues with your vehicle and notifications from us and/or your Parking Supervisor). You agree that you will be solely liable for any actions or inactions that result from the fact that you failed to receive a notification because of your failure to notify us of any updates to your contact information. You represent and warrant to us that all information provided to us is accurate and complete in all respects.

Reliant Parking, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents and other partners and employees shall in no way be liable for the use by you of your parking permit, or your or any third party using your vehicle in the parking lot, including, without limitation, any and all parking violations, fire, theft, damage to, loss of, or removal of your vehicle or any items of personal property left in your vehicle, or for any parking lot closings or portions thereof. You agree to indemnify and hold Reliant Parking, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents and other partners and employees, harmless from any loss, liability, claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of the use of your parking permit or the presence of your vehicle in or about the subject parking lot.

updated: 6-2-2023