How a Parking Permit System Saved an HOA

Parking Managment

A small 21-unit townhouse community nestled into a small sub city of San Diego, California struggled for years to regain order over their guest parking spaces. Residents of the property would fill the guest spaces themselves and leave no available spaces for actual guests and visitors. The residents who followed the guest parking rules continued to grow angry while the residents

who violated the guest parking rules received no repercussions.

Recently the property HOA Board of Directors came to Reliant Parking asking for a solution. Reliant Parking was able to customize a parking permit program to suit the needs of this small community.

Each unit receives eight guest passes every month. To activate a guest permit, the resident logs into their account through the Reliant Parking Resident App and follow the prompts. Then, a virtual permit is issued to the applied car.

Automatically at the beginning of each month, each unit’s available guest passes would reset to eight without any additional work from the HOA Board of Directors, property management company, or residents. If special circumstances were to arise, the HOA Board of Directors have access through their management portal to add additional permits if needed.

Months into their parking program, the HOA has seen a complete behavior shift. Residents are no longer parking in guest parking and are using the guest permit system as it was designed and intended to be sued. “Having an app based permit software has saved our community,” said April, a member of the HOA Board of Directors, “Residents are no longer parking in guest spaces and now my guests actually have a place to park. It’s nice to see my HOA dues working.”

How can a parking permit system help your HOA?

Just like the HOA in La Mesa, California, a parking permit system can help your HOA manage guest parking, but what else can it help with?

  • Decrease parking abuse and increase compliance
  • Stop unauthorized vehicles
  • Increase curb appeal
  • Establish easy to understand parking rules
  • Distinguish between guest and resident permits with customizable permits


If your HOA is struggling with parking problems, Reliant Parking is your answer. With our customizable software, we can develop a program that is tailed to your community’s needs. Our 24/7 customer service support will help your HOA Board of Directors, property management company, and residents not only through the onboarding process but also throughout the program’s entire duration. Request your free demo today online or call 1-888-977-6880.