Using Technology in Property Management

Parking Managment

Millennials demand technology and because of this, industries such as healthcare and retail have become more involved with high-tech. The housing and parking industry joined this movement as

well. Property managers are bringing in technology to help control a wide range of services, such as parcel delivery, pets, maintenance, and parking.


Most companies are trying to edge out the competition by offering their customers something different while simultaneously reducing costs. Don’t be left behind! Technology can streamline and bring efficiency to many areas of property management.


What has been the evolution in using technology in the housing industry?


Every year, more technology-based options are introduced in the multifamily industry.  Doing more with fewer people has been made possible by technology-based systems.  Homeowners and multifamily communities alike have moved to an online portal. Web access allows for better communication, easy rent collection, maintenance request reporting, access to community rules, and much more.


The Millennial generation is embracing the trends.  As renters, they base the decision on where to live based on the amenities and technology offered.  This generation has grown up with a cell phone in their hand and is not shy about wanting fast, easy, and APP-based solutions.


Parking is no exception. Parking software improves the resident parking experience and empowers the resident.  Residents can order their own permits, report violations, see community rules, request assistance, and much more at any time of day or night.


How can property managers get on board with this technological revolution?


For those who manage communities,  embracing new technology is essential for success.


First, technology can reduce the workload for the property manager.  Utilizing centralized databases, APPs, and websites streamlines processes such as managing parks, collecting rent, registering pets, and a myriad of different applications.


Utilizing an APP-based parking system, for example, not only reduces the administrative burden on property management but also enhances the resident experience.  Residents and students can easily access information through online portals and mobile apps 24 hours a day, especially important after office hours. Having a system that allows residents to self-report if someone is parked in their spot or report fire lane violations also contributes to a safer overall community and lessens the security workload.  Identifying residents and their vehicles is key to making the best decision for your community.


This optimized visibility can help to resolve issues more quickly and effectively, leading to a better overall experience for everyone involved.


Technology has become a crucial aspect of the housing and parking industry. With the growing demand for housing and the increasing number of renters, it’s more important than ever for property managers to implement innovative solutions Technology can improve residents’ experience and make it easier for management!


By embracing technology, property managers can stay ahead of the competition and provide the high-quality services their residents and customers expect. With the app of Reliant Parking, you’ll have access to the best technology in the market to help you succeed in this industry while meeting the growing demands of the millennial generation and beyond. Learn more about how we can simplify your parking here.