What Makes Reliant Parking Different

Our philosophy at Reliant Parking is to continually evolve to provide the best possible service for our customers. Reliant Parking IS different, here are 7 reasons WHY.

1. Residents, Property Managers, and Enforcement Companies

We have created a tracking system for every vehicle on a property to make sure that they are authorized to park where they belong. This benefits the residents, property managers, and enforcement companies:

    1. Residents: Our tool helps to improve the residents’ experience when they come home. Residents have a place to park and a safe community. In addition, residents are empowered to manage their own permits and their guest permits 24/7 through our easy-to-use app.
    2. Property Managers: Properties see the number of violations decrease which simplifies the job for property managers. Property managers are also empowered within our system to be able to set limits as to what the residents can and can’t do, thus controlling the authorized vehicles.
    3. Enforcement Companies: When enforcement companies come on the property, they’re able to easily identify the cars that are authorized versus those that are not and take the appropriate action.

2. Virtual AND physical permits.

We understand each community is different. Virtual permits might work for one community and not another. For example, physical permits are often a better solution for larger properties. Physical permits not only make enforcement easier, but also make the resident more comfortable when they see the cars are authorized on property. In addition, we offer customizable parking permits.

3. 24/7 Customer Service

We want to take the workload off the property managers as much as possible and get the residents’ questions answered as quickly as possible. We also recognize that the resident experience doesn’t stop at 6 p.m. – In fact, for most of them it starts at 6 p.m. We have a resident services team that’s available 24/7 through chat, through email and through phone.

4. Reliant Parking regularly updates and adds new features!

In the near future, we are going to build out visual maps that will allow residents to self-select parking spaces and add to waitlists for parking spaces. In addition, Reliant will soon be integrated with access control companies, license plate recognition cameras so that we can track data as cars are coming in and out. Using this technology is just going to help in the overall experience of streamlining the process of keeping unauthorized vehicles off the property.

5. Empower the Residents

Residents can self-register their vehicles, order their permits, print out their temporary permits, order guest permits and in certain situations they can also self-report violations that they see on the property all within the Reliant Parking app.

6. Turning Parking into an Asset

Reliant Parking is the management tool for property managers and ownership groups to take an underutilized parking space and turn it into a financial asset. With our customizable tool, properties can monetize parking and bring in additional revenue.

7. Your Parking Partner

We do a strategy call to understand the needs of the communities so that we could write what we call an announcement letter. That letter is approved by staff and is sent out to all the residents, introducing Reliant Parking and explaining to them what needs to be done. In addition to that, we’re going to build out everything that needs to be built out in the software. We’re going to train the full staff so everybody that is involved from enforcement company to management will be trained by us. We’ll be involved with every member of the team, not just at the beginning, but ongoing. We want to make sure the program is properly used and that everybody is trained not just at the beginning, but even when there’s turnover. In addition, we manage your parking permits from start to finish. We mail them directly to residents. Residents can print out a temporary permit immediately, and then we will process and send in the mail that permit to the resident.


When we roll a property out using Reliant Parking, what we find is that our clients see the value and the benefit almost immediately. Resident experience and behavior changes. After implementing Reliant Parking, the residents are parking in the appropriate spaces, enforcement can enforce effectively, tedious property manager tasks are lowered, and parking is available as it should be.

If you are interested in learning more about Reliant Parking can email us at [email protected], call our toll free number at 889-776-880, or visit our website at www.ReliantParking.com and request information.