Taking the Stress out of Move-In Day

Parking Managment

Student Housing Move-In Challenges

We know move-in days for student housing can be hectic for management, staff, students, and families. Hundreds, or sometimes thousands, of students and parents are all trying to accomplish the same tasks at the same time, often with little knowledge of up-front information, processes and procedures, or directions. With the stress of starting a new chapter, we know patience can run thin. This is why Reliant Parking makes Student Housing move-in days easier with our #1 full service, app-based parking software that simplifies every aspect of student housing parking.

We designed the Reliant Parking software with managers and users in mind, providing a positive experience for everyone involved. We make your move-in day easier.

—Kevin Wexler, Reliant Parking CEO

Student Experience Improvement

Our goal is to simplify the move-in process and create a positive and seamless experience for students, their families, management, and property staff. We’ve seen first-hand incoming students lost on site and battling lengthy lines to get parking needs addressed. 

We developed our parking software into an easy-to-use app, available on all smart devices, ideal for the student user. Once in the Reliant Parking database, students are sent timely text reminders, directions, and notifications providing easy to follow instructions for permit registration. Through the app, students are given the ability to update and access their accounts 24 hours a day and are able to self-register for their parking permits and guest passes. Students can pre-register for their parking permits before they even arrive on site, eliminating the headache of trying to organize paperwork with vehicle and permit information. This pre-registration gives back valuable time to management for other critical housing issues. If the students need assistance with registering, they have access to frequently asked questions and first in the industry 24-hour resident support; there is no need for management to assist them, we have it covered.

Once students are registered with the app, they now have control over their parking experience, are held accountable, and must follow the student housing parking rules. Users are able to report an unauthorized vehicle parked in their parking spot, fire lane violations, and acquire instant guest permits all within the Reliant Parking app. In addition to being able to access the parking rules for the property 24 hours a day, managers can customize the app prompting a custom pop-up notifications letting users know where and when guests can park. As a result, parking enforcement is enhanced and becomes more effective and parking abuse comes to halt.

Management Experience

Reliant Parking takes the pain out of move-in day by offering a system for managers to plan ahead in preparation for their grand opening. We give managers the ability to plan for future move-ins and set a mass move-out date all in the Reliant Parking system. After data entry, managers have complete visibility to resident information all in one place and have 24/7 access to accurate and organized vehicle and permit data. 

With Reliant Parking’s streamlined process, the annual parking permit process is simple and smooth by enabling students to register and order their own permits with no extra work for management. Management has the option to have an inventory of preprinted permits to hand out to the residents or Reliant Parking can fulfill the request and mail the permits directly to the students for you.  

We realize no two properties are the same and have created a customizable platform to highlight the unique needs of each student housing association. Whether it be customized parking permits detailed in unique colors or shapes, individualized delivery options, or 24-hour support, we are your trusted partner. Managers are also able to optimize their Reliant Parking central database to customize and issue instant permits. For example, managers can create and issue custom parking permits for specific events (i.e. Parent Day). With this option, managers also have the ability to monetize guest parking and bring in additional revenue with no extra work.

“Reliant Parking has always been a great partner to us. Reliant Parking provides constant support from move in day and throughout the year. They assist in every aspect of our parking program and are always willing to assist with resident issues, help with move ins/outs and make move-in day easier!”

—Mignon at Iconic on Alvarado in San Diego, California

Reliant Parking is your partner. We work side by side with you to create the best experience for management, staff, residents, and guests.

We’re Here for YOU

Reliant Parking was designed to simplify parking struggles on every level and give property managers tools and support to end the headache of student parking. Our software and 24-hour support is meant to make management’s life and workload easier and create a positive and simple user experience. 

If you are interested in learning more about how Reliant Parking can assist you with your Student Housing Move-In Day, Request a Demo. We also invite you to follow us on social media for access to up-to-date announcements, success stories, and more information about our Reliant Parking software.