Reduce Liability Whenever and Wherever You Can

With visitor and building security in focus, Reliant Parking’s app-based technology helps property managers tighten enforcement

We’re increasing the efficiency of parking enforcement and guest traffic with real time and touchless digital solutions and app-based software for property owners and managers of apartment buildings, condominiums and residential communities. Our full-service parking management system increases transparency for property managers and residents and shifts conflict resolution scenarios to a mobile format.

“Applying decades of security industry expertise, we examined the biggest pain points for property owners and managers and sought ways to both streamline the process and smooth out common sources of conflict with technology,” said Kevin Wexler, founder and CEO of Reliant Parking. “Our software incorporates the unique parking rules of each property and immediately identifies attempts to breach or abuse the system. But, with both parties aware of the technology’s capabilities from the get-go, we find the increased transparency mitigates these issues overall.”

Residents of apartments, condominiums, HOAs and student housing complexes use the easy Reliant Parking app to register their vehicles and order parking permits online. They also can order and receive digital guest parking permits. Vehicle and permit data are updated in real-time for property managers, who can view accurate data 24/7 and determine the appropriate level of enforcement. Reliant Parking is the first in the industry to provide a 24/7 resident support call center.

“When parking spaces are in short supply due to uneven unit-to-space ratios or demand, violations and abuse increase as do requirements for management involvement,” adds Wexler. “When all residents on the property are registered and accountable, and accurate vehicle and permit data are available 24/7, enforcement will have solid data to consistently enforce property parking rules and stop abuse. Consistent enforcement yields consistent resident compliance.”

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