A Message From the Founder of Reliant Parking

Parking Managment

Kevin Wexler is Reliant Parking’s Founder and CEO. Kevin has been in the parking industry for the past 30 years. His decades of experience began when he founded a parking enforcement company and began to recognize a lot of struggles property managers, enforcement companies, and residents experienced around parking. Kevin realized technology was needed to help solve the most common parking problems that property managers and enforcement companies faced. As Kevin’s struggles continued, he realized how valuable a parking management software solution could be, and so Reliant Parking was born….

Reliant Parking’s Philosophy 

Reliant Parking’s philosophy is to continually evolve to provide the best possible service for our customers – residents, property managers, and enforcement companies alike. We are a full service parking permit management company with a program that can be customized to meet the needs of any property. Our goal is to simplify the process and provide our customers with an easy program that works. By having a program that works, property managers are able to gain control, increase revenue, and simplify enforcement.  

Reliant Parking’s Vision

Reliant Parking has 6 key objectives that work towards our main goal and vision. 

1. Happier Residents

We provide 24/7 Customer Service through chat, email, and phone because we know residents need help and often after hours. We recognize the resident experience doesn’t stop at 6 pm. In fact, for most of them it starts at 6 pm. Our users can always get a hold of us; time matters. 

2. Simplified Process for Management

We manage all of the parking permits and mail them directly to residents. While the residents are waiting for their permits to process and arrive in the mail, they have the ability to print out a temporary permit directly from the app. In most cases, we are expiring and renewing those permits either tied to a lease end, to a number of months, or to a fixed period automatically through our system. There is no extra work for the property managers, we take care of it all. 

Also, everybody that is involved from the enforcement company to management will be trained by us and we’ll be involved with them, not just beginning, but ongoing. We are property managers’ partners and teammates. We stand by them through it all. 

3. Enhanced Enforcement 

To effectively enforce parking, property managers need accurate data. Reliant Parking provides the necessary and timely information by making it easy for residents to update records through our mobile app. We also provide clear instructions on landing pages whether it be for residents, property managers, or enforcement. Communication is key.

4. Safer Community

Visible and valid permits give residents peace of mind; residents know who is authorized to be on property and who isn’t. This also empowers residents to report unauthorized vehicles and have the vehicles removed from the property through the Residents App. 

5. Revenue 

Property managers have the unique ability to monetize parking on their properties with our customizable app. This can bring in additional and passive revenue. A hidden treasure not all properties utilize. 

6. Continually adding new features 

We believe in listening to our users. We want to know how our users are using our system and what we can do to make it easier. Our in-house development team takes user feedback and continuously works to improve the app with new features, better technology, and an overall better user experience.   

Why Reliant Parking? 

Our team at Reliant Parking strives to be the standard to all multi family communities who need a parking solution. We aim to deliver a first class experience to everyone involved in our service – property managers, residents, and enforcement companies. Reliant Parking will always be a customer service first company. Our goal is to continually improve and to offer more customer and property manager friendly app options. 

The Time is Now

The future of parking management is really great. There’s an awareness that’s taking place now that parking spaces really need to be managed and Reliant Parking is the tool to fill that gap. Anyone who’s interested in learning more about Reliant Parking can email us at [email protected]. They can also call us on our toll free number at 888-977-6880 and or come on to our website at www.ReliantParking.com and request information.