Do Your Parking Permits Expire? 5 Reasons Why They Should

Parking Managment

Do you have a parking permit program in place at your property? Is the program effective for your property? Starting and implementing a parking permit program is the easy part, keeping the program on track, effective, and simple for your residents to follow and use can at times be challenging. Here are five tips for you to follow to ensure your parking permit program is effective and running smoothly to benefit your residents, guests, and property managers. 

1. Maintain data accuracy with expired permits 

When parking permits reach their expiration date, it gives the property manager an opportunity to update contact information associated with the permit if the resident is extending a lease. Perhaps the resident has a new phone number, a new car, or a different license plate. Updating this information keeps data accurate and up to date. If there is not a specific time or opportunity to update this type of information, data can become stale, out of date, or inaccurate. 

2. Match lease terms with permit expiration date

If a residential lease is 15 months, have the parking permit be valid for the same 15 months. This seems like an easy idea however it is often overlooked during the signing of leases. If property managers match parking permit expiration dates with lease terms, lease and permit renewals will align and the renewal process for the resident is simplified.

3. Keep track of resident move outs

As a property manager, you should know when residents are moving out and the details of their move out. Property managers should be aware of the time, date, and any special circumstances associated with individual move-outs. With this information, property managers can set up a time to take back and invalidate permits upon move-out (ideally at the same time as the key return). By doing this, you can ensure the leaving resident does not abuse the parking permit program after moving out. Abuse can come in many ways. For example, sharing permits with existing residents or non-residents or using the property to park when not a tenant.

4. Enforce Your Parking and Parking Permit Rules

Enforcement is a key component to any permit system. There must be ramifications for residents not following the rules in order for the parking permit program to be respected, adhered to, and working effectively. Whether you are writing warnings, tickets, or tow vehicles in violation, consistent action must be taken. Enforcement can take many forms and be administered by management, a security company, a tow partner or a courtesy officer.

5. Make it easy

Simplicity is key. Having a simple parking permit program will keep residents happy and promote user adoption. From beginning to end, your parking permit program needs to be easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to maintain. Also, make the sign up and renewal process easy and simple. Clear communication of the rules at move in and lease renewal help keep the program running smoothly and residents in compliance. For example, in the Reliant Parking app, there is a button that pops up at a minimum of 60 days before expiration and stays in residents’ apps until the permit expires. Every time the user opens the app, he/she is reminded about their upcoming renewal and expiration of their parking permit.

Reliant Parking’s easy to use app creates a seamless and automated system to help keep your property’s parking permit system running smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. With our 30-Day Parking Turn Around, you and your team can implement a parking permit program in the snap of your fingers and with our 24/7 support, property managers and residents are never left without someone to help get them to a solution. 

Reliant Parking makes keeping your data up to date a breeze since residents can update their own information within the app and our permits are renewed annually to ensure vehicle information is accurate. We can also match lease terms or customize the length of a permit making the renewal process simple. In addition, our app makes identifying, tracking, and logging compliance easy! We are a one stop shop for all of your parking needs.

To learn more about our app and how Reliant Parking can help you, request a free demo today.