8 Best Practices for Parking Enforcement

Parking Managment

One of the most important tasks you must face as a property manager is ensuring your parking enforcement is up to par. This can be a demanding job, especially when juggling other responsibilities. By following some of the best practices for property managers to improve parking enforcement, you can ensure your property is safe and secure. 

These practices range from setting clear expectations with tenants to ensuring you have the right technology in place. With these tips, you can improve your parking enforcement and make sure your property runs smoothly.

Setting Clear Expectations with Tenants

While parking is a privilege, not everyone will respect it. If you notice some tenants are not following the rules, you need to make sure you are communicating the rules to all new tenants and setting clear expectations. Be firm, but be respectful at the same time and let them know their violation that you expect them to follow the rules.

Implementing the Right Technology

You should implement the right technology to ensure that your parking enforcement is up to par. You can use both on-site and off-site parking enforcement technologies. 

The most important thing is to make sure that you choose the appropriate technology for your property. Choosing the wrong one might not provide accurate information, which can lead to more challenges. Some of the right technology you can use includes smart cameras and parking management software.

With our parking management software, you can manage resident data, issue parking permits for residents and guests, and much more, all in the same place.  

Designating Appropriate Parking Areas

One of the best practices for property managers to improve parking enforcement is to designate parking areas for your tenants. Make sure that you clearly mark these parking areas to avoid any confusion.

Depending on the size of your property, you might need to designate multiple parking areas. Clearly marking where residents and guests can park will avoid confusion.

Developing a Comprehensive Parking Plan

No matter how well you enforce parking rules, sometimes tenants will violate them. If you notice that some tenants are routinely violating parking rules, you should develop a comprehensive parking plan to address this issue. 

A parking program is a written document that outlines the parking rules for your property and how you will enforce them. Essentially, your parking plan should outline everything regarding your parking rules. 

Keeping Track of Parking Enforcement Data

Parking enforcement is a crucial aspect of property management, but it’s challenging to manage the data. You need to keep track of all the parking so that you can follow up with tenants. With a parking management software to keep track of this data. Parking management software enables you to set up rules for issuing violations

Establishing a Visitor Parking Policy

Another best practice for property managers to improve parking enforcement is establishing a visitor parking policy. Preferably, you should have separate parking areas for tenants and visitors. Make sure you mark these parking areas clearly, so everyone knows what they are for. You can use signs or other markings to keep these areas.

Post reminders to tenants through emails, texts, and other forms of communication

Even if there hasn’t been a violation, remind your tenants to follow the rules. You can use many communication channels to remind tenants of parking rules and encourage them to follow them such as sending emails or texts.

Regularly review and update your parking enforcement policies

You may find it necessary to add or remove specific parking rules as your property grows. It is important to review your parking rules regularly to ensure they are up to date. You can do this by having a meeting with your staff or enforcement personnel where you can discuss any changes that need to be made and how you want to enforce these rules. You can also write a new parking policy and make it available to your tenants.

Parking is an important part of managing any real estate property, but is often overlooked. The best practices outlined in this article can help improve parking enforcement in your property.

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