3 Reasons You Should Implement a Parking Management Software

Parking Managment

If you’re the property manager of a large apartment building or a homeowners’ association you know how challenging it can be to keep track of your parking operations. But what is so taxing about parking, exactly? Well, there are just so many things to consider!

Parking spaces must be assigned to tenants, visitor spots must be monitored and recorded, and enforcement must be put into place to ensure drivers follow the posted rules when leaving their cars. The list goes on and on, and that is just on parking. As a property manager, you have many day-to-day operations to take care of.

The good news is that a parking management system can help collect resident vehicle information, identify unauthorized leaseholders, and manage guest parking.  Each of these processes requires specific software tools, which is why we’ve compiled this blog post with three reasons every property manager needs parking management software.

Instilling effective parking management and monitoring protocols is essential in any property’s parking lot. Without a doubt, there are several challenges when it comes to ensuring a smooth and productive parking experience. In order to optimize your lot or garage, you need to implement the right technology at your facility.

A parking management software is a program designed to assist property owners with the management and control of their parking lots. Such software is helpful as it integrates multiple systems into a single, centralized dashboard, enabling property managers to handle a variety of functions and activities associated with their parking lots.

Such software programs provide managers with real-time information relating to parking availability, usage, and other data pertaining to their parking lots, such as permits to identify authorized users.

Keep reading for more information about why you should invest in parking management software today!

Why is Parking Management Software Important?

Parking management software allows you to manage and monitor the entire parking process from beginning to end. With this type of software, you can track and manage resident data, including license plates, phone numbers, and email addresses.

You can also generate detailed reports that will be helpful in analyzing your parking data. You can also use such software to access real-time information on the number of residents authorized to park, how many rentable spaces you have, guest permits on order, and see all authorized vehicles.

  1. Create a Safer Community and Lowers Your Liability

One of the biggest benefits of a parking system is that it makes identifying unauthorized parkers easier.  Having a valid permit to identify residents enhances your enforcement efforts and gives residents peace of mind.  Having a defined program can reduce property liability through:

  • Fewer unauthorized vehicles on property: easily identify unauthorized vehicles to ensure your parking is available for residents and guests of your property.
  • Less unauthorized tenancy: Visibility of vehicles consistently parked on property as a result of unauthorized tenants.
  • Less “Overcrowding”: by controlling who is parking on property you can create a better resident experience and free up more spaces for resident use.
  1. It Makes Enforcement Easier

Implementing parking management software allows you more visibility and simplifies the enforcement of your rules.  Having access to all of your data 24 hours a day in real time makes the enforcement of your parking much easier.  Physical permits are a great visual and easy way to identify residents and guests.  Having a platform that provides logging, search functions, time stamping, access to guest permit data and resident data is a keystone to an effective parking program.  Use technology instead of manual spreadsheets and have access to real time accurate data at your fingertips.

  1. It Streamlines Guest Parking Processes

Another key function of a parking management software is that it can streamline your guest parking procedures.

Parking management is one of the most crucial aspects of property management. When done incorrectly, it can cause a drop in profits, negative reviews, and frustrated residents. By adopting a parking management software, property managers can make sure the process is streamlined and residents and their guests are receiving the best possible parking experience.

It’s important to choose the right software for your organization and that’s us!

Our app creates a seamless and automated system to help keep your property’s parking permit system running smoothly, efficiently, and effectively.

With our parking solution, your residents can update their information on the app, and our permits are renewed annually to ensure vehicle information is accurate. We can also match lease terms or customize the length of a permit, making the renewal process simple. In addition, our app makes identifying, tracking, and logging compliance easy!

Also, it includes 24/7 customer service, so you and your residents always have someone to solve any problem.

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