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Resident FAQ


Where on my car do I put my permit?


Unless the rules at your property state otherwise, the recommended location is the bottom left of the driver side front windshield. The top of the front windshield and rear windows have a factory tint which makes the permit very difficult to see in the dark.



I have not received my permit in the mail yet, and my temporary permit is about to expire or has expired. What should I do?


Email to request a replacement permit. Please be aware that the original permit will be marked “Invalid” and should not be used. To make sure you are using the valid permit, log into your account to see the permit number. Once a replacement permit is ordered, you will be able to print out a new temporary permit.

NOTE: This typically happens because the postal service returned the permit for some reason.  A common issue is that the name listed on the account does not match the postal service records of the current resident. Please double check that the name you have registered is the same name that the postal service has in their records.   




How do I reprint my temporary permit?

On the App and on the web you will see a “Reprint” button to print the temporary permit out. On the web be sure to check the checkbox for the vehicle which needs the temporary permit.


NOTE: Never use an expired temporary permit. If your temporary permit is expiring and you have not yet received your permit in the mail, please email to request a replacement permit.



My car was towed. Who do I call?

Typically, the towing company reports all tows to local law enforcement. You can call your local law enforcement and ask them if they have a record of your vehicle being towed. In many cases the tow company contact information is also listed on the tow signs posted on your property.




Someone is parked in my spot, where should I park?


It will be best to park elsewhere until you can get this resolved. If your property allows you to enforce your own space you can call the tow company on your own. If you are able to enforce your own space, you should be prepared to sign your name for the removal of this vehicle. If you choose to park elsewhere on the property, make sure you are in a legal spot with a valid permit if a permit is required.


NOTE: If someone has parked in your space this does NOT allow you to break the rules.



I need a guest permit and the office is closed. How do I order one?


Guest permits are available 24/7 within your account if your property subscribes to the Instant Guest Permit option. Log into your account, and if this option is available there will be a button showing the available number of permits for your unit. If Instant Guest Permits are available, you can order one. If your property does not subscribe to the Instant Guest Permit option you will have to wait until the office is open.



I am out of guest permits for the month and need more. How do I get more?


If your property subscribes to the Instant Guest Permit option and you have reached your guest permit monthly limit you will need to contact your property management during regular business hours to request an increase in your guest permit monthly limit.



My permit is expiring at the end of the month, but I am moving out within the next year. Do I still need to order a new permit?


Yes, if a parking permit is required on your property you must display a valid permit on your vehicle to avoid being in violation. The fee for the permit will be the same whether you use it for one month or 12 months.



I have an additional vehicle and my account is not letting me order a permit. What can I do to order an extra permit?

Permits are available based on the limits set by management for each unit. Please contact your property management to request additional permits.



How can my roommate get an access code? 


Please contact your property manager for an additional access code. Access codes will allow you to create another account with a different username and password. Access codes do NOT affect the number of permits allowed per unit.


We have two access codes. Will each access code have the same amount of permits/guest permits?


An access code allows you to create an account. Access codes do NOT affect the number of permits allowed per unit. Permits are available based on the limits set by management for each unit. Please contact your property management to request additional permits.

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