Reliant Parking is Now SOC2 Compliant

What does SOC2 compliance mean for our app users? Being SOC2 compliant means we protect our users’ data and take cybersecurity seriously. We understand that it is

our responsibility to protect the data stored in our system that belongs to our clients. We need to take every step to protect their personal information and private data.

Reliant Parking has gone through both sets of SOC2 compliance testing – a rigorous program that has taken an extensive amount of time and energy and we have now entered our audit period.  Once our audit period is complete, we will receive our official certificate of SOC2 Compliance.

Cybersecurity is becoming a bigger threat to companies like Reliant Parking. There are many areas of vulnerability through different servers/ports and username/passwords that if we do not have best practices in place, we could have exposure to and that poses substantial risks to every one of our users. Cyber Security is something we at Reliant Parking take seriously and protecting our clients’ and users’ data is critical. According to Techopedia, in 2022, there were more than 490 million ransomware attacks detected worldwide with phishing being the most common cyberattack. Being SOC2 compliant helps us protect client and user data if, and when, we are targeted by a cyber attacker.

Through this SOC2 process, our company has created an Incident Response Protocol. This document details, if a problem were to occur, how we would address it quickly to protect the data of our users. This protocol predefines who, what, when, and how the breach will be resolved followed by a notification to the effected parties.

During this process of becoming SOC2 compliant, our team has also undergone phishing exercise and vulnerability scanning patches on all our servers to create a complete Information Security Policy. The Reliant Parking Team has gone through this process for the ultimate goal of protecting our clients and users – that is our priority.

We are a partner to our clients and their privacy and protection is important to us. We want to be the example of the type of company property management companies should be working with. We are proud to be SOC2 compliant and privileged to provide this security to our clients and users.

SOC2 was created by the American Institute of CPAs and defines a criteria for managing customer data based on service, processing integrity, availability, privacy, and confidentiality.  To learn more about our SOC2 compliance visit AICPA’s website.



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