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Preparing for Peak Season: How to Streamline Parking Management Duties

The lead-in to summer brings the busiest time of year for property managers. According to, 60 percent of the 40 million Americans who move each year choose this

season to make a change.

Whether transferring rental tenants, helping students vacate campus, or navigating a steady

flow of moving vans, May and June yield a predictable uptick in managers’ administrative

responsibilities. In many venues, these changes are facilitated through paperwork and in-

person exchanges inside a compact office.

Unique scenarios this year are likely to make the popular moving season even more challenging for rental properties. The nation is facing a sweeping staffing shortage, which could further stretch managers’ bandwidth, and continued social distancing efforts in some regions limit the quantity of people who can visit indoor spaces at a given time.

Because of this, now is an ideal time to consider streamlining these tasks with an app-based

parking permit management system.

Reliant Parking Solutions outsources the labor-intensive parking management process at no

cost to management. Through a consumer-facing smartphone app and manager dashboard, the software allows parties to:

  • Easily order and renew parking permits

  • Instantly issue guest permits based upon the system’s predetermined limits

  • Monitor and report violators

  • View parking information and activity 24/7

  • Remedy issues with a 24/7/365 resident support call center

“Reliant Parking Solutions has had an incredible impact on our parking management at Mira

Bella Apartments,” says Rachael Fields. “Not only does it enable our residents to be more

hands-on with their parking, but it also creates a certain level of accountability between

residents and the management team. Additionally, Reliant helps us manage and control our

Guest Parking—which used to be a huge hassle.”

Another benefit to making changes now is that new residents will begin their experience

knowing the parking regulations at the onset, avoiding potential issues with paper methods

that could inadvertently affect their customer experience and social media reviews. This is

similarly the case for campuses preparing for students’ return ahead of the fall semester.

“Plain and simple, property managers don’t love parking management,” says Kevin Wexler,

founder and CEO of Reliant Parking Solutions. “Alleviating this pain point was my intention,

which we’ve been able to put in the hands of the resident. The value is immediately clear,

which is reflected in time savings and resident satisfaction.”

Get in touch to learn more and book a free Parking Strategy Audit. With the clock ticking down to summer, Reliant promises a time-saving turnaround in parking management within 30 days.

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