Reliant Parking Permit Management

Portfolio Management

Time and cost efficiencies scaled across your assets...

A uniform parking program across all assets significantly reduces staff workloads, increases revenue opportunity and improves your resident experience.

Increased Revenue

Reliant Parking is budget-neutral with no set-up costs. All existing residents are brought on at no cost for the first year. New move-ins pay a small permit processing fee. Existing residents pay the processing fee for a renewal after one year.

  • ​Increased demand for rentable spaces
  • Revenue share

Operational Efficiency

Significant time and cost efficiencies are realized through an accurate vehicle and permit database and through a resident-centered process.

  • Total control of your parking lot with physical and/or virtual parking permits
  • More time to focus on other priorities
  • Resident App enables residents to register, order and renew their own parking permits and their guest permits
  • Permit limits for residents and guests eliminate abuse and unauthorized tenants and vehicles
  • Secure, centralized database provides all vehicle and permit information
  • Reliant Parking takes responsibility for processing and sending parking permits to residents

Reduced Liability

A well-defined parking program supports consistent, fair enforcement of parking rules, increasing resident compliance. Resident and Enforcement Apps provide transparency, accountability, and documentation (pictures, time stamps, communication) to ensure proper procedures are followed. Once parking abuse is eliminated there are fewer unauthorized vehicles and individuals on the property thus improving security. Annual permit design changes help ensure that expired permits cannot be used again. All these advantages serve to limit asset liability.

  • ​Enforcement App for consistent, accurate and fair enforcement
  • Real-time notifications when a vehicle is in violation
  • Enforcement has access to secure, centralized, real-time data