How to Make Parking Enforcement Easy

Parking Managment

The Reliant Parking Enforcement App enables property managers to take back control of parking at their property. The Enforcement App allows the user the ability to look up any vehicle by the

assigned space, license plate number, or permit number from any mobile device then quickly and easily take action on unauthorized vehicles all while reducing the number of residents who abuse parking. This process is also supported by residents being empowered to self-reporting violations. For example, if an unauthorized vehicle is parked in a resident assigned space, the designated resident can report the violation by opening the Resident App on their mobile device, follow a few simple prompts, and the partner tow company will be sent to remove the unauthorized vehicle.


How the Enforcement App Works

Verifying Vehicles & Dispatching a Tow

Imagine as a property manager, you are taking a walk around your property and notice an unfamiliar vehicle. Perhaps a resident purchased a new car, or they are using a rental car – regardless, you need to verify the vehicle is authorized to be on the property. With the Reliant Parking Enforcement App verifying authorized vehicles is quick and easy. You simply need to input the required information permit number, space number, or license plate number) and our software will instantly confirm if the vehicle belongs to a resident or has been issued a guest permit. If the vehicle is not authorized to be on your property, the Enforcement App makes calling for a tow as simple as pushing a button. If needed, you can also log the event and even send a message to your enforcement partner directly through the app.


Using Accurate Data to Your Advantage

Now let’s say you need to know when a permit was ordered. Just log into the Enforcement App, research the vehicle, and timestamped data is provided detailing what type of permit was ordered and when. This information is stored within the app for accuracy and consistency and can be referenced at any time. In addition to time stamping, the Enforcement App can capture all relevant enforcement details and feeds them into your online management portal. The Enforcement App provides instant visibility to see authorized vehicles, instant guest permits, safe listed vehicles, and if managers or enforcement use the App to report activity, an activity list will automatically be created. The Reliant Parking software can even generate reports with the specified data.


Ease of Use

We even make transitioning from your mobile device to a web browser easy. Management can access their accounts through a mobile device with the same login information as their management portal. There is no need for property managers to create multiple accounts. Property managers have access to their data 24/7 from any device. A property’s information is always at your fingertips.


Having an integrated system based on real-time data improves parking enforcement. Residents are given clear rules and restrictions with an actionable repercussion if those rules aren’t followed. To have happy residents, property managers need to be equipped with the best tools. The Reliant Parking Enforcement App is an essential tool for property managers. With easy to access data showing authorized vehicles parking enforcement has never been easier. Our Enforcement App is designed to help properties manage their parking enforcement. To learn more about the Enforcement App or to schedule a demo, call 1-888-977-6848 or visit our website.