How to Solve Common Property Management Parking Problems

Are you a property manager facing the same parking problems day after day? Are you asking yourself the same questions without having any solutions? By the end of

this article, you will have your solution.


  1. Limited parking spaces: If an apartment complex has limited parking spaces for residents, there may not be enough spots for everyone who needs one. How do you regulate who gets a space?
  1. Unauthorized parking: Non-residents may park in the apartment complex’s parking lot, taking spots away from residents. How do you patrol and regulate unauthorized vehicles?
  1. Assigned parking disputes: Residents may argue over assigned parking spots and who has the right to park where. How can you ensure each resident knows what spot is theirs?
  1. Blocking driveways/entrances: Inconsiderate parking habits may result in parked cars blocking driveways and entrances, making it difficult for other residents to access their homes. How do you empower residents to self report?
  1. Lack of guest parking: A complex with insufficient guest parking may cause visitors to park in unauthorized spaces, which ends up leading to a web of more problems for the community. How do you regulate guest parking permits?
  1. No enforcement of parking rules: A lack of strict enforcement of parking rules and regulations may result in residents and visitors alike disregarding them, leading to parking problems. How do you follow through with parking enforcement?

To solve these issues, multi-unit complexes may consider implementing parking software for residents, guest parking policies, and increased enforcement of parking rules. But is there one solution for all of these problems? YES!

Reliant Parking is an app based software designed to regulate parking and reduce parking abuse in multi-unit housing complexes. Reliant Parking’s full-service, online parking management software for property managers includes free easy-to-use apps for residents and enforcement. With our 24/7 support through chat, email, and phone, property managers are free to handle other normal day-to-day work without the stress of the added tasks that result from parking problems. Within the software, properties are able to customize the controls and limits based on their property rules and requirements. This takes minimal management time for set-up because the Reliant Parking team handles all of the implementation and the residents self-register. In addition, residents are able to request guest permits directly through the app and updated vehicle information in real time. This information is automatically populated into a secure online portal accessible by designated managers, owners, and enforcement companies 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Are you interested in learning more about how Reliant Parking can solve your parking problems? Schedule a demo today.


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