Tips & Tutorials

Tips & Tutorials

Getting Started

  1. Designate a point person on your management team to become your “Reliant Parking Expert.”
  2. Watch short software video tutorials and/or download PDF tutorials for the most common tasks.
  3. Learn what an “Access Code” is and how to quickly create them for residents.
  4. Learn how to easily manage “Permit Limits” in the video below.

What is an Access Code?

An Access code is used to enable a resident to create a Reliant Parking account. Once the resident sets up the new account with a username and password, the access code is no longer valid.
PLEASE NOTE: There is no relation between an access code and permit limits.

What is a Promo Code?

A promo code is usually given to existing residents when Reliant Parking starts managing parking at a new property. The promo code will discount the parking permit(s) ordered by existing residents for a limited amount of time.

Watch Short MANAGER “How to” Videos


Click to download PDFs:

Watch a Short ENFORCEMENT App Overview Video

Watch Short RESIDENT “How to” Videos


Click to download PDFs to share with your residents:

—How to RENEW a Permit:

—How to Order Permits–NO Validation Required:

—How to Order Permits–Generic Validation:

—How to Order Permits–Validation with Copy of Registration Required:

—How to Order Permits–Validation with Copy of Registration AND Insurance Required:

User Roles and Access Privileges

  • Property Manager—Full Access
  • Assistant Manager—Full Access
  • Associate Manager—Full Access, EXCEPT Read-ONLY for parking space assignments
  • Leasing Agent 1—Read-ONLY, except facilitating a move in
  • Leasing Agent 2—Read-ONLY, except facilitating a move in AND a move out
  • Leasing Agent 3—Can perform move in/move out, order replacement permits, edit vehicle information, move to history, add to the Tow/No Tow list and transfer residents to another unit
  • Field Employee—Enforcement App ONLY. Resident address is NOT available in the detail screen
  • Field Employee 2—Enforcement App ONLY. Resident address IS available in the detail screen