Reliant Parking Permit Management

Multifamily / Apartment Communities

Top 3 Reasons to Use Reliant Parking:

  1. NO COST to management
  2. We do the work for you
  3. Happier residents and better reviews

Benefits to Managers and Owners

  • $0 set-up costs; No budget impact
  • 24/7 online convenience
  • Dramatically reduced workload
  • Instant online access to parking information and activity
  • Fast, easy parking permit ordering/reordering
  • Edit parking data as needed
  • Works with existing permits or we can issue new permits
  • Change designs annually in order to maintain parking security
  • A better parking experience = happier residents

Benefits to Residents

  • Easy online ordering and renewals for parking permits
  • Instant guest permits available based on management’s predetermined limits
  • Ability to report violators in the app
  • Fewer unauthorized vehicles on the property
  • Small annual parking permit fee
  • A better all-around parking experience

Reliant gives you 100% freedom from your parking hassles.

Reliant’s online parking permit management software does all the work—and empowers managers and owners with accurate, online parking data 24/7.

One easy tool helps you stay on top of your parking.

Watch this short video on how Reliant Parking works: