Reliant Parking Permit Management

Multifamily / Apartment Communities

Top 3 Reasons to Use Reliant Parking:

  1. NO COST to management
  2. We do the work for you
  3. Happier residents and better reviews

We feel your pain because it was our pain too.

Founder and CEO Kevin Wexler explains why he “gets it” and how Reliant Parking can help your property:

Benefits to Managers and Owners

  • $0 set-up costs; No budget impact
  • 24/7 online convenience
  • Dramatically reduced workload
  • Instant online access to parking information and activity
  • Fast, easy parking permit ordering/reordering
  • Edit parking data as needed
  • Works with existing permits or we can issue new permits
  • Change designs annually in order to maintain parking security
  • A better parking experience = happier residents

Benefits to Residents

  • Easy online ordering and renewals for parking permits
  • Instant guest permits available based on management’s predetermined limits
  • Ability to report violators in the app
  • Fewer unauthorized vehicles on the property
  • Small annual parking permit fee
  • A better all-around parking experience

Reliant gives you 100% freedom from your parking hassles.

Reliant’s online parking permit management software does all the work—and empowers managers and owners with accurate, online parking data 24/7.

One easy tool helps you stay on top of your parking.

Watch this short video on how Reliant Parking works: