About Reliant Parking

From Security Guard & Patrol to Online Parking Permit Management

With over 20 years in the security industry as founder and CEO of Summit Security, Kevin Wexler understands the daily problems property managers, boards and owners face managing resident and guest parking on their properties. Before selling Summit Security, Kevin helped develop one of the first comprehensive online reporting systems, which Summit and other security companies used, as well as flesh out the beginnings of an online parking permit management system.


Reliant Parking was born out of the need for property managers to have instant, accurate vehicle and parking permit information 24/7 so enforcement could do its job.


Transparency and Accountability Built Right In

Because transparency and accountability are two of the most critical needs of his customers, Kevin built this auto-functionality into the Reliant permit management system. Daily contact with many Reliant customers also helps to give the Reliant Parking team an accurate picture of how people are using the system and where improvements can be made.


Outstanding Customer Service

Our outstanding customer service, accountability, honesty, integrity and commitment to our customers allow us to provide a pleasant, highly productive online experience for managers, owners, enforcement and residents.

Serving These Markets

  • Residential ~ Apartment Communities and HOAs

  • Education/Universities ~ Student Housing

  • Commercial

  • Retail

  • Hotel/Hospitality

  • Industrial

  • Healthcare

  • Aerospace

  • Construction

Company Profile

Established: 2012


Corporate Headquarters: San Diego, California

President and CEO: Kevin Wexler

Geographic Areas of Service: USA


Industry Affiliations: National Apartment Association (NAA), San Diego County Apartment Association (SDCAA), California Apartment Association (CAA)

​We feel your pain because it was our pain too.

Founder and CEO Kevin Wexler explains why he "gets it" and how Reliant Parking can help your property:

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