Reliant Parking Permit Management

Your Parking Management Transformation

My team was spending way too much time on parking until Reliant came on board. Not only has it freed up our time, but it’s added simplicity and controls around parking management.

— Glenn Bellovin, Regional Manager, Sares-Regis

You: A Parking Management "Rock Star"

The focus of our parking partnership is to help make you a better property manager around parking. We’re here to support you, be a true partner and increase asset value. We watch what’s going on closely in order to meet your needs and help you be more successful. Period.

Step One—A Complimentary Parking Audit, no strings attached

This is a quick process for you—we understand how valuable your time is—and it gives us a chance to make sure we’re a good fit.

We learn all we can about your property and parking issues and give you a customized report with recommendations on how we can eliminate parking issues, improve enforcement and bring residents into compliance. We’ll also look for opportunities to increase parking revenue wherever possible.

A Success Plan for Your Property

We build a success plan for management, residents and enforcement. Once enforcement begins, we start the 30-day turnaround process, implement strategies for your property and offer your residents 24/7 support to help them when they need it.

You Can Relax—We Do the Work

Reliant Parking sets all residents up in the system, writes and sends resident communications (approved by management) and processes and sends permits directly to your residents. We also enable residents to order guest permits based on limits set by management. We give your enforcement team access to the enforcement app and train them. By doing all this for you, we give you valuable time back in your day.

Outstanding 24/4 Resident Support and Customer Service

We want to take good care of your team and your residents. We’re available to help out in any way we can. We offer your residents 24/7 support via chat, email and phone. Don’t hesitate to reach out when you need us.

Trusted by Thousands Nationwide

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